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School Music Participation Policy

Members of SBYSO Concert Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra are expected to be leaders and exemplary musicians in their school music programs, and as such are required to participate in them.  The optimal foundation for students’ musical growth includes instruction from school music teachers, a private teacher, and the youth orchestra program.  

In a situation where a student cannot participate, the following steps are required:  


  1. Students will, in good faith, attempt to amend their class schedule to participate in their school music program and to resolve any conflicts with the school music director.
  2. If a scheduling conflict still exists after Step 1 has been followed, the student shall obtain a written Letter of Exemption,* specifically stating the reason(s) why the student cannot participate in the school’s music program.  This letter will be required to have the following signatures:
    1. student
    2. student’s parent(s)
    3. school’s ensemble (band or orchestra) director
    4. school’s guidance counselor
  3. The Letter of Exemption, with all required signatures, must be provided to the Executive Director of the SBYSO as early as possible prior to the first rehearsal in September.  Letters should be scanned and emailed to, or mailed to:

Diane Economakis
Executive Director, SBYSO
c/o IUSB Raclin School of the Arts
1700 Mishawaka Ave.
P.O. Box 7111
South Bend, IN 46634

*Email Executive Director ( to receive form