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How to Join

Would you like to audition for SBYSO’s 2023-24 season? Auditions can be submitted online by emailing us an audition video. Audition to join for our winter and spring concerts!  After our November 19 concert, rehearsals will resume January 6-7, 2024.  Submit your video audition by January 1 to join us!

  • In order to audition, please do the following:
    • Complete this online Audition Application form.
    • Your audition will consist of two parts:
      1. Required scales
      2. About 3 minutes of a polished piece (when in doubt, play your most recent ISSMA piece.)
    • Create a video recording. (You can make one recording file for scales and a separate one with your piece, in order to limit file size.)
    • Email your audition video to sbyso@sbyso.orgBe sure to share the video with the following email

SBYSO’s annual tuition for 2023-24 is $495 (Concert Orchestra) / $595 (Symphony Orchestra.)  (We will prorate tuition for those who join  in January.) Once accepted, a $150 tuition deposit will be required to hold your place for 2023-24 season.  Also, once accepted, an SBYSO student (new or returning) can receive a $100 recruitment discount for each student they invite to audition for SBYSO who JOINS for the full season.  (Limit of 5 for Concert Orch and 6 for Symphony Orch.)  Please email with questions; thanks.  Total discounts (family / recruitment) not to exceed full tuition.

Questions? Email